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Not only will this sash make for very cute photos BUT it will also lead to many free shots. You can purchase this sash here. It wouldn't be a true 21st birthday without a million pictures right?! Every celebration needs a photo op and this is perfect for the big This rhinestone ribbon can be found here. This is a great way to make the traditional 21st a little more exciting. Just imagine how fun it would be if you actually were able to do all of those!

And it gives you something to do which is nice instead of just waiting for things to happen. Birthday banners are the perfect decoration without spending a lot of money. Here are more fun 21st birthday banners. This present would be a hit for all 21 year olds and might become your signature present with the amount of people wanting you to make it for them!

How to Plan a fabulous 21st Birthday for girls – Party Eight

If a alcohol bouquet isn't up your alley than how does an alcohol cake look?! These are SO cute! If you made one you would really be going all out that's a GOOD thing! This right here will be my new go-to gift for all my friends 21st birthdays. Every newly 21 year old needs an "Oh Shit Kit"after their big night. These are all things that can be found at the grocery store besides the birthday tiara How cute is this?!

21 Best 21st Birthday Party Ideas

This is a favorite for 21st birthday ideas. The good thing about this gift is you KNOW it will be put to good use. All you need to do is fill a small trashcan up with alcohol and many some wine glasses and you're good to go! This birthday tiara can be found here from Amazon. This is the only time wearing a tiara isn't extremely tacky so it's a must. You can find 21st birthday tiaras here. This shot glass can be found here from Amazon. Would a 21st birthday really be a 21st birthday without receiving a shot glass? You can find it here. Learn how to make all your favorite drinks and learn some really cool bartender tricks that you can pull out at your next party. This is a great idea because it fits the 21st birthday theme perfectly but isn't something that most people do.

How many times have you been at the casino, stepped on the red carpet, and was asked to leave? Okay, maybe this one just happened to me. Now you finally can legally go to the casino and have the night of your life. Going on a trip with friends sets you up with days of memories and celebrations. Visit a bunch of your local clubs and have a great time with all of your friends. Remember though, don't binge drink right away! That would lead to throwing up WAY too early which would be no fun. This is an obvious thing to do on your 21st birthday but so much fun.

Check out all the top bars that you used to never be able to get into and explore how fun they really are. If you are not a crazy drinker, than this is the perfect 21st birthday idea for you. Go to the Dollar Store and get a bunch of wine glasses for all of your friends. Head to Michaels and get the painting supplies and you have just created a relaxing night with your friends! Here's a tutorial on how to paint wine glasses. Plus, you usually can get free dessert and many even a free drink! This can make for some crazy times because people won't have to drive home.

Splitting the cost of a hotel room among friends can make it really reasonably priced. They have this everywhere in the city I live by and they look so fun. It is literally a bar on wheels and to move the bar everyone peddles on a chair like a bar. A 21st birthday party should be epic. If you're struggling for amazing ideas for a 21st birthday celebration, look no further.

Celebrate with a theme party such as a Roaring' 20s theme, complete with costumes, accessories and a Roaring' 20's tiara for the birthday girl.

Other great 21st birthday party ideas include a luau, Disco night, masquerade or Hollywood-style party with a red carpet, spotlights and lots of props to create fantastic photo ops that your guests can post to their favorite social media. Brainstorm with friends and family for more 21st birthday ideas.

The party's theme will determine its location, whether it's best to hold it at someone's house, outdoors or at a public venue. Silver Number 2 Mylar Balloon.

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