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General Petraeus has Vesta and Cupido at 21 Scorpio. President Barack Obama has Hygeia at 22 Scorpio, just one degree away.

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Astrologer Michele Adler has also pointed out that key Obama team members Valerie Jarrett, David Axelrod and David Plouffe also have astrology chart factors at the sensitive 21 Scorpio position. Saturday, February 9, Public Comment.

Date March 1, Location Washington, D. Transcript excerpt. If you would keep your comments brief, I would be very appreciative.

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Just give us one moment, please. My name is Dr. John Hall. I am a medical doctor from Texas. As I understand the memorandum from the President, it is for you to determine if current legislation is adequate in protecting individuals and if there is any ongoing experimentation.

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In reviewing the Common Rule, it is very obvious that there is a lot of loop holes to informed consent. They were funded by the DoD and intelligence agencies where I am not even so sure you would know if there is an IRB, much less if an IRB is looking at informed consent. As a physician, relative to some of what you are hearing today, in the community we are seeing an alarming rate of complaints of use of electromagnetic weapons. Microwave auditory effects, silent sound spectrum, EEG cloning, which has taken the lab out of the laboratory and into the home.

Most of these from the research that we have reviewed can be done remotely. Sunday, 18 November The Petraeus scandal explained by Astrology! Posted by Thomas Gazis at 2 comments:. Labels: Synastry.

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Tuesday, 13 November Greece, Eclipses and the Euro crisis. Looking at the forthcoming between November and May and comparing two charts for Greek Independence, one as given by Nicholas Campion in World Horoscopes and the other, a rectification by Thomas Gazis.

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Both charts use the same date of 13th January but with a time difference of 4 hours and a slight location difference. This does indicate a permanent pull between countrymen and others.

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As we know Greece has undergone massive financial restructuring and immense deprivation for the majority of its people due to the constraints imposed by the EU. There have been many rumours throughout the past year or so, that Greece may have to leave the Eurozone in spite of the efforts made by the people to cut their deficit.

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So far, Greece and its various Governments have managed to cleave to the conditions laid down by Brussels, but will they continue to be able to impose more cuts in order to receive more bailouts. Will the bailouts stop after the German elections in either September or October ? Before is out, there is a Solar eclipse on the 13th November, followed by a Lunar eclipse on the 28th November. In the eclipses occur on the 25th April Lunar , 10th May solar and the 25th May lunar. The eclipse itself at 21 degrees 56 minutes Scorpio falls in the 7th house of the Campion chart and the 8th house of the Gazis chart. Neither chart has any traditional planets in Taurus or Scorpio, so one would think this eclipse would pass Greece by.

There is a bond repayment due on the 16th November and it will be down to the Eurozone finance ministers if they agree the measures have been met and they will release more funds to enable Greece to both stay afloat and remain in the Eurozone. At this same time, Jupiter is currently retrograde in Gemini at 11 degrees Furthermore, Jupiter stations direct at 6 degrees 19 minutes Gemini on the 30th January If we go with the Campion chart, this date 30th January is perhaps when the Eurozone starts to tighten its purse strings and may impose further demands on Greece.